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Founded in 2020 in Vancouver, British Columbia |


401 Records is a professional creative academy and development service provider dedicated to empowering creatives individuals and businesses in attaining core objectives by providing the tools, services and resources that aligns with achieving their personal and business ambitions. 

Our Core Value

We offer value by providing access high quality creative services at an affordable cost while also presenting an opportunity for new creatives to launch a career in the music industry at a competitive pace. When working with clients, we thrive by identifying core short and long term objectives, then we aim to develop a long-term growth plan backed with target audience data analysis to ensure an accurate success rate in achieving the set goals and objectives.


We believe you must bring your whole self to the table if you want to thrive in today’s fast paced industries; big ideas, critical thinking, and most importantly, unwavering drive. All of these elements brought us to start 401 Records.

Visit Our blog page for more educational content about Artist development, Music production, Music entertainment and Know more about our Record Label artist management program


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