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Professional recording studio with expertise is mixing, mastering, tuning, song structuring, song writing, post production polishing, sound design for film and more. We provide exceptional music production services dedicated to achieve maximum success with music & sounds. Work with top tiers producers, mix & master engineers, song composers, song writers and vocal designer at an affordable cost. Experienced at creating trending sounds and timeless records that catches the attention of your audience. We dive Into the depth of the art of mixing and mastering Hiphop sounds, Afro beats, RnB, Pop, Latin Pop & Trap Music. Send us a message with your song demo and we will reach out with a feedback accessing the potential of your song then we make plans to bring your vision to life. Your next hit song might just be a click away! Let's help make this a reality.

 Our mission is to empower young, new and aspiring artists by providing the tools and resources required to succeed in their creative careers while also offering mentorship and guidance to help accelerate career advancement and advance creative skills. We offer value by providing the opportunity for artists to access high quality music services at an affordable rate while also giving new artists a chance to launch a career in the music industry at a competitive pace. When working with artists, we thrive by identifying each artist's career objectives, then we implement an effective growth plan backed with a strategic execution process which ensure a high success rate in achieving the set goals and objectives.​Our Service Includes - Music Production, Artist Development, Content Creation & More.



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Recording, Mixing and Mastering

Welcome to the music production services page 

The following information will break down the basic services offered by 401 Records. You can book a session with us anytime through our "book online" page listed above.

We have a list of professional engineers and producers that are ready to provide you with the exceptional services including (Mixing & mastering)

Our experts are well versed in the art of music production, Album/Ep production, Audio editing, Vocal tuning, Vocal prepping and Song structuring all included in your session. (A minimum of 2hrs/session is required prior to confirming your booking)

Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

 Interested in learning more about us, Projects we've worked on and our background in the music industry? Check out our music blogs below for more info.

Rap Musicians

Artist Development Program


401 Records marketing team's most important criteria for engaging with an artist is the strength of the songs or project, The team behind the artist and our level of belief in your project. Our philosophy is to focus our efforts on a smaller number of quality acts with passion and dedication. Known for result driven approach to every project, The 401 Records team as had involvements in launching projects with new and emerging artists across Canada who has collectively sold thousands of records in the form of singles, albums and downloads globally, In addition we boast a combined project statistic of over a million music streamed on various streaming platforms worldwide, provided radio & playlist opportunities and utilized our industry connections in getting our artists featured on popular music blogs across the globe which as fostered exponential career advancement results for our clients.  

After submitting music to our team, If we believe we can assist in supporting the artist's goals in a positive way, Our team will reach to you to further discuss the possibilities of working to develop a customized "Discovery and Development" strategy plan based on your marketing and development budget.

With our In-depth knowledge and extensive background in music marketing and artist relations, Our team offers valuable service by assisting you with all aspect of your career advancement while setting new growth objectives. Although every artist's situation is unique, The various services we might be able to offer would include:

•Consulting on all aspects of your career advancement and development

• Assisting with the songwriting/recording process

• Branding including Artwork & biography creation, press release package, overall creative direction planning

• Distribution and project release planning, understanding your target audience while also providing you with 5 year game plan to help navigate the ever changing music world.


Photography & Videography


When it comes to delivering your message to your audience, We have the creative talent and in-house production team and resources to create memorable industry standard content which make a lasting impact on your audience. 401 Records content creators handles it all under one roof—creative concepts, art direction, shooting, directing, special effects, producing, editing and motion graphics. 

With our team's extensive background in the music Industry and years of collaborative friendship that as fostered strong relationships with key players in the industry, We were able put together a team of some of the best and most experienced content creators in the city under our belt who works with us in-house or on a contract based agreement to produce quality and exceptional digital contents for our clients. 

Digital content production rates are calculated based on the artist budget and quality preference.

          (Standard low budget music video can cost anywhere between ($650-$1000) 

        (Photoshoots cost $65/hr and ($100) flat rate for editing) 
                 (Single Cover art ($250) / Album cover art with motion ($350)

• Music Videos
• Commercials
• Company Promotional Videos
• Social Videos
• Motion Graphics
• Product Photography
• Action Photography
• Lifestyle/People Photography
• Rental property Ad Photography


About The Hitmaker

The Hitmaker is a renowned music artist, known for creating seasonal trending records that resonate with fans worldwide. His unique blend of music styles and captivating lyrics have earned him a spot among the most uniquely versatile artists of his generation. Coming from the prestigious 401 Records, The Hitmaker has consistently delivered music that breaks boundaries and transcends the norm.

Summer Time EP

Big Lu A.K.A The Hitmaker's latest project, "Summer Time," is an Extended Play (EP) that encapsulates the season's vibrant energy and carefree spirit. The EP features a collection of songs that are perfect for relaxing beach days, road trips, and summer night parties. Each track is designed to evoke a different aspect of the summer experience, making it the ideal soundtrack for the season.

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